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  • Company AB H BRUNNER
  • Production Foam rubber
  • Height 1,0-2,0mm
  • Color Black
  • Material Composition TPU 50% recycled
  • Market destination Garment Sport articles (kicking balls, gloves, motor bike suits, etc.) Technical articles Footwear Gloves Sport footwear
LIBA®recycle is perhaps our most sustainable material, developed to minimize our use of virgin resources. By adding 50% recycled material from our \\"recycling program\\" and waste from our own production. LIBA®recycle is highly durable and produced in Europe. Optional thickness between 1-2mm.

LIBA®recycle produced by

Highly abrasion resistant TPU film. Specially developed, high-tech LIBA® Smart: thermoplastic polyurethane-based material that’s among the market’s absolute strongest wear-protection products.

Södra vägen 14 - 702 27 Örebro Sweden
T. +46(0)19-175880 E.

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