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Flat tapes

Basic articles of common use in every field of production. Supplied in all sizes, are born from the cutting of fabrics and are divided into SBIECHI TAPES in which weft and warp are oblique to allow you to follow the curves of the final products, HEAT-SEALED TAPES made with straight cut-hot wire, TAPES SENSE TEXTURE in which the weft takes the place of the warp and the seams of junction are straight.

Flat tapes produced by

Tapes, ribbons, pipings, spaghetti, waistbands, mignons, trimmings with high creativity and innovation. Prints, dyes, folds, plissé, embroidery and all combinations. Over 200 fabrics always ready.

Via degli Artigiani 36 - 25020 Bassano Bresciano Brescia Italy
T. 030-9935054 E.

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