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Embroidery with fur and feather applications

  • Company PUNTO & CAPO
  • Production Embroideries/Decorations
  • Season Carry over
  • Market destination Leathergoods Women's shoes Footwear Leathergoods Bags

Embroidery embellished with applications of soft synthetic furs, but also mink, rabbit, sheepskin, colorful feathers or any material the customer decides to provide ...

Embroidery with fur and feather applications produced by

The Punto & Capo firm of Barbara Polito creates traditional embroidery and decorations.

Our 'female' team carries out its own research, development and design with a constant study of innovative and design solutions, a combination of quality, style and respect for the Italian artisan tradition.

We can create embroideries that come from a customer's idea or develop completely new designs, there is no limit to imagination: our strength is 'elasticity'.

Our products, refined in materials and attention to detail, are the result of a profound synergy between the experience and knowledge acquired in 30 years of activity.

We work with special stitches, fills, carvings and perforations with laser effect, patchwork, prints, sequins, quilting, three-dimensional and high frequency style embroidery, classic embroidery, macramé.

We perform applications of thermo-adhesive accessories, such as rhinestones, studs, transfers, flocks and pearls.

We create works with hand embroidery effect, applications of ribbons and trimmings, cross stitch, crochet with large or light, shiny, opaque, lurex or natural yarns: our aim is to create something unique thanks to our team.

We offer you the opportunity to 'embroider your emotions'.

VIA PESTALOZZI, 61 - 47023 CESENA Forlì-Cesena Italy
T. 0547-301080 E.

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